Tree topping is not good

Tree Topping  What Is Tree Topping? Also known as hat-racking, rounding over, heading, or tipping, tree topping techniques involve removing the large branches from the treetop and leaving only lateral branches and stumps on the tree. Is Topping Trees Good or Bad? tree topping is not advisable at all for many reasons:  Why municipalities practice […]

Cupressus sempervirens

Cupressus sempervirens Cupressus sempervirens  The cypress tree is characterized by being relatively fast-growing, resistant to diseases, and durable at the same time. These properties make the cypress tree suitable for use as a windbreak, especially in agricultural areas, as it is evergreen and large enough (about 30 meters) to protect a distance of up to […]

Two condiment Lebanese trees

Two condiment Lebanese trees  One tree species that we use as a source of food condiment is the Rhus coriaria, Rhus is native to the Lebanese mountains where it grows at high altitudes this species which have the male and female flowers at separate trees, bare Summac which is the outer part of the seeds […]

Gundelia taurnifortii

Gundelia taurnifortii عكّوب Native Nurseries has been exerting efforts to domesticate wild edible herbs that are of nutritional and economic value. With Gundelia taurnifortii, the efforts took more than one year to successfully germinate the seeds because it was not known how to treat the seeds to have them germinate. Many attempts were made to […]

Arbutus Andrachne

Arbutus Andrachne According to a Palestinian tale, there once lived a girl whose beauty was so radiant that all men, young and old, fell in love with her. One young man loved her more than all of the others, and he begged his father to ask for her hand in marriage. But when the father […]

Alnus Orientalis

Alnus Orientalis This riparian tree, live near water streams in most of the Lebanese rivers, that is why it is called in Arabic (جار الماء) water neighbor. It grows up to 25 m in height with spreading branches. We recommend it for the following places:  If you visit Nabeh el Safa you can find a […]

Air Pruning What Does It Mean?

Air Pruning What Does It Mean? It is a process by which the tree or plant is planted in a perforated pot and raised from the ground, in way when its roots reach any opening of the pot they get suffocated and thereby produce lateral roots inside the soil. In this way and depending on […]